Our Harvest Operation


We harvest small and large grain crops for farmers in the Midwest region of the United States. Our mission is to provide high quality work to farmers in need crops being harvested. We do our harvesting with pride! 


Larry and Nancy Schroeder owners of Schroeder Harvesting, Inc located in Inman, Kansas have actively been enjoying harvesting crops for their customers since 1989. We have always operated John Deere equipment. In 1989 our operation started with two combines and moved to three in 1995. We continue to operate three combines to this day.  We harvest several crops on a yearly basis including:

  • red winter wheat and white wheat
  • durum
  • spring wheat
  • canola
  • organic corn and soybeans
  • seed milo


The harvest route for Schroeder Harvesting, Inc normally starts in the northern edge of Texas around the 20th of May. From there we continue on to the Oklahoma/Kansas border where we have a short stay. Then we make the move to southwest Kansas and continue on to eastern Colorado. Our last stop for our summer run takes us to the southwestern corner of North Dakota.

The crops that we harvest normally consists of hard red winter wheat and white wheat until we get to our stop in North Dakota. We then harvest durum, spring wheat, and some canola. After we are done in North Dakota we make the move south to the panhandle of Texas for our fall run. We spend normally about two months at one location shelling conventional and organic corn, harvesting seed milo and the occasional organic soybeans.


At present we operate 2019 John Deere S770 machines with 40 foot MacDon draper heads. Our support equipment consists of Kenworth semi trucks and grain trailers. We also use up to three tractor and grain carts depending on the crop being harvested. As a harvesting operation we always strive to do our very best and do quality work for our customers.

Schroeder Harvesting, Inc.